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River Valley Gold & Silver
Buying Gold Rings, Gold Class Rings and Dental Gold

Now is the time to get top dollar
for your old coins and jewelry.

How much is your scrap gold worth?


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Frequently Asked Questions

I only have a few pieces of jewelry, is there a minimum amount I need to have before you're interested?

No! We are one of the few gold, silver and platinum buyers that does not require a minimum weight for sale.

I have an old tooth that is covered with gold. Is is worth anything?

Yes! Scrap dental gold from bridges, caps, and other dental work can be salvaged for the current value of gold.

How far will you travel to see my coin collection and old jewelry?

We will travel to the following cities: Shakopee, Jordan, Burnsville, Belle Plaine, Montgomery, Lonsdale, New Market, Chaska, Channhassen, Elko, Prior Lake, Eden Prairie, Bloomington, Webster, Young America, Cologne, and Carver. If you live or work outside this area, please contact us to see if we are planning to be in your area in the near future.

Can I mail you my scrap jewelry for an appraisal?

Yes! We do accept shipments of scrap jewelry for appraisal. Once we receive your package, we will sort and weigh each piece to determine the current market value and contact you with the value. If you decide to sell, we will send you a check immediately.
Coins & Currency
All U.S. and Canadian Money
U.S. Silver Dollars
U.S. Halves, Quarters & Dimes
U.S. Nickels & Pennies
U.S. Gold Coins
U.S. Paper Money
Canadian Coins
Canadian Gold Coins

Precious Metals
Scrap Gold Wanted
.999 Silver Rounds, Bars or Rectangles
Platinum (all forms)
Gold Class Rings
10k, 14k, 18k Rings
Gold & Silver Jewelry
Dental Gold Bridgework & Caps

We Buy All Collectibles
Complete Coin Collections
Old Pocket Watches
Old Comic Books