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River Valley Gold & Silver
Buying Gold Rings, Gold Class Rings and Dental Gold

Now is the time to get top dollar
for your old coins and jewelry.

How much is your scrap gold worth?


Call today to find out how much your old coins are worth!

Coins & Currency

We buy and sell antique coins!Do you have a collection of old coins and dollar bills that you've been saving for a rainy day?

At River Valley Gold & Silver, we can help you determine how much your old coins are worth. We've been dealing in rare and antique coins and currency for over 30 years. We will pay you top dollar, no matter what size your collection is.

U.S. Silver Dollars Wanted
1878 - 1904     $20.92 ea & up
1921 - 1935     $15.62 ea & up
Must be average condition or better

Carson City Dollars in Government Black Box
Paying Highest Prices

U.S. Halves, Quarters & Dimes Wanted
1964 & Before Dimes $.90 ea
1965 & Before Quarters $2.26 ea
1966 & Before Halves $4.52 ea
1965-1970 Halves Pay $1.67 ea

U.S. Nickels Wanted
*1883 thru 1912     40¢ ea & up
*1913 thru 1938     38¢ ea & up
*must have full date rims
**1942 thru 1945     43¢ ea & up
**with mint mark above dome

U.S. Pennies Wanted
Wheat Pennies 1909 - 1958
Paying 2¢ Each
Indian Pennies 22¢ each & up

Foreign Coins & Paper Money
Wanted Old & New
U.S. Gold Coins Wanted!
*$1 Gold     $167.14 & up
*$2-1/2 Gold     $224.60 & up
*$5 Gold     $292.50 & up
*$10 Gold     $607.69 & up
*$20 Gold     $1182.08 & up
*Gold pieces must have full rim, no solder marks. Date 1933 & before and at least fine condition.

U.S. Paper Money Wanted!
Especially with Bank Names

$1 Silver Certificates $1.20 ea.

Old US $1.00, $2.00, $5.00, $10.00 & $20.00 bills with red, blue, brown and gold seals.

Also buying $500 & $1000 bills

Canadian Coins Wanted!
Dated 1966 & before
Dollars     $10.15 each
Halves     $2.94 each
Quarters     $1.24 each
Dimes     $.45 each
Canadian Gold Coins Wanted

All Canadian Money Wanted!

Pennies through $20 Dollar Bills
We pay 67¢ on the Dollar

Precious Metals

We buy old jewelry for cash!Do you have old jewelry, silver bars, even dental fillings that you want to turn into cash?

At River Valley Gold & Silver, we can help you determine how much your old jewelry is worth. With silver and gold prices recently at an all time high, even a few ounces can really add up!

Buying .999 Silver Rounds,
Bars or Rectangles
1 oz.     $16.59
10 oz.     $160.90
100 oz.     $1609.00
Must be Englehardt
(Other Manufacturer slightly lower)
Scrap Gold Wanted!
Broken, Damaged, Old or New
Buying Gold Class Rings
10k, 14k, 18k Rings, Jewelry, Dental Gold Bridgework, Caps

Buying Platinum in all forms


We buy old comic books, coin collections and pocket watches!Do you have collections of comic books, old pocket watches, or coin collections?

At River Valley Gold & Silver, we will appraise your collection and offer you the best prices for your complete or partial collections. Call us today to set up an appointment for an appraisal!

Buying Old Comic Books

Must Have Full Covers & Backs
10¢, 12¢, & 15¢ Comics

Also Buying Others
Coin Collections Wanted
Pay Highest Prices for Complete Coin Collections in Folders

Old Pocket Watches Wanted

Please Note: We do not carry cash! All transactions will be paid by check from Old National Bank.

* Updated 11/21/2019. Prices subject to change with market prices. *

Coins & Currency
All U.S. and Canadian Money
U.S. Silver Dollars
U.S. Halves, Quarters & Dimes
U.S. Nickels & Pennies
U.S. Gold Coins
U.S. Paper Money
Canadian Coins
Canadian Gold Coins

Precious Metals
Scrap Gold Wanted
.999 Silver Rounds, Bars or Rectangles
Platinum (all forms)
Gold Class Rings
10k, 14k, 18k Rings
Gold & Silver Jewelry
Dental Gold Bridgework & Caps

We Buy All Collectibles
Complete Coin Collections
Old Pocket Watches
Old Comic Books